Let's make the Earth a better place to live.

Log R. Your tool of imagination

Every time we buy something we choose between supporting a business that exploits people and the enviroment and one that is eco-friendly and practises fair trade. It's up to us which item we purchase. We should take into account the production process. Who made the item? Where was it manufactured? What materials were used? Together we create the community of Earth. Let our purchases reflect our values.

Log R. Your tool of imagination

 Let's speak for the ones who cannot. We are opposed to human rights violations and lack of freedom of speech and religion. Everyone has the right to live and work where one's treated with dignity. Many employees of factories in the Far East have poor working conditions, often their human rights are violated. They have no voice. Let's speak for them. Buy consciously. Support fair trade business. Home of Log R. We made every effort so that Log R is a product that opposes the exploitation of people and the environment. Every component which we manufacture* is made by our specialists in the European Union using materials which come therefrom. At the home of Log R the entire creative process takes place and our workstation is hand-assembled and tested. Log R - a production process with a difference.

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*Log Computer is not a producer of the hardware subassemblies. For information concerning the names of manufacturers please refer to the technical specifications.