The power of creating. Only if you're doing something with passion and dedication, you have a chance to create a masterpiece. Let your imagination soar and for always leave behind schematic thinking. Engineers, designers and IT specialists have worked on the design of Log R - it's original shape and tailored to needs features. They did it with passion, loving every minute of it. With Log R you can also create something that's the best of it's kind and enjoy the entire creative process.

Log R. Your tool of imagination

You and Log R complement each other. Log R workstations are tailored to the needs of filmmakers, photographers, 3D graphic designers, engineers, scientists and VR creators. You can also have one designed specially for you. Log R supports what you're doing and enables you to work more efficiently. With a workstation tailored to your needs you can create more complex and demanding projects, while your workflow remains smooth. The programs you use optimally utilize Log R's processing power. Your computer performs tasks faster while you simply save time.

Created for creators. Each field of art, craft and science has it's tools, which features enable one to create. Sculptors use chisels, painters canvas, musicians instruments. 3D designers, filmmakers, photographers, engineers, scientists and VR creators use Log R. Tools allow one to build monuments more durable than bronze. A new theory, an invention, a shockingly beautiful picture. Every tool for creating has to be characterized by the highest quality workmanship. Each one must be made precise, with care and diligence. Just like Log R is made. With perfect accuracy. Log R - made individually for individualists.

Log R

What are you into?

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